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Application areas 

Automotive solutions for body, chassis, interior, exterior & new mobility

Evonik provides innovative materials and processes for cost efficiency and environmentally friendly automotive systems as well as materials resistant to chemical or mechanical stresses

Body & Chassis


Composite Structures

VESTALITE® P is a PUR based matrix for prepregs with high mechanical properties and excellent surface aspect at long shelf life and ambient temperature. For epoxy prepregs we offer curing agents and accelerators under the brand names Imicure®, Curezol, Amicure® and Dicyanex®.

Car manufacturing

Body Shop

Dicyanex® & Amicure® micronized dicyandiamide and accelerators are used in 1K epoxy applications for crash stable, hem flange and vehicle structural adhesives. They combine easy handling with high performance and long formulation latency in body shop applications.

Car manufacturing

Chassis Coating

Ancamide® and Anquamine® curing agents provide corrosion resistance to primers for chassis and underbody coatings in OEM applications. They are well-suited for primers in wet-on-wet refinish applications. Ancamide® curing agents are also used in 2K epoxy-based adhesives specifically for repair applications, allowing technicians to repair vehicles to OEM standards for safety, quality and life-cycle performance.

Interior Applications

Instrument panel

PUR Spray Skins

VESTANAT® IPDI and VESTANAT® H12MDI provide an excellent surface feel for high-quality and light stable instrument panels.

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Interior Coating

Hybridur® polymer dispersions provide excellent wetting and adhesion to a variety of substrates including wood and plastic to provide highly aesthetic, durable coatings.

Exterior Applications

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Clear Coats

Clear coats based on VESTANAT® EP-M Family combine the flexibility and ease-of-use of a PU coating with a glass-like hardness. This results in unprecedented scratch- and chemical resistance.

Rim with brake


VESTAGON® protects powder coated rims, assembly parts and automotive trim from  chemical attacks e.g. from acid rain and brake fluids. Furthermore, they  have to be UV and stone chip resistant.

Car underbody

Underbody Coating

Nourybond® adhesion promoters are essential in automotive sealant, underbody and anti-chip primer formulations, providing unique rheological properties and improved adhesion to electro-deposition primers.

New Mobility

Pressure vessel

Pressure Vessel

With epoxy-amine-systems based on VESTAMIN® the curing process of epoxy resins could be optimized for fast running production cycles and avoid the usage of styrene/anhydrid technology

Battery case

Battery Case

VESTALITE® S is a curing agent for styrene-free & high performance epoxy SMC applications, like automotive battery cases . Its unique properties enable cost-efficient design and process solutions for large scale automated manufacturing.


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