crosslinker for polyurethane powder coatings

Crosslinker for weather resistant polyurethane powder coatings

Whether for antigraffiti applications, optimized matting, low-temperature cure or food contact VESTAGON® crosslinking agents boost your PU powder coating systems.

Powder Coatings

Easy to use, environmentally friendly and cost effective: Powder coatings have become extremely popular. They find use in a wide range of applications, such as automotive, architectural, lawn and garden as well as for general metal applications. Powder coatings are the right choice, even for temperature-sensitive substrates.

Powder applications are often the most cost effective application, due to

  • Low raw material costs
  • A high transfer yield because of overspray recycling
  • High coating thickness in one step
  • No solvents needed
  • Often no primer needed

Polyurethane Powder Coatings

PUR powder coatings show superior light stability and chemical resistance in comparison to non-PUR powder coating technologies. Another benefit is the formation of high crosslinking densities. Chemical as well as hydrogen bondings between urethane groups lead to high surface hardness while acting flexible in
case of impacts from outside. Polyurethane powder coatings fulfill highest demands coming from the coatings industry such as automotive and architecture.

Polyurethane systems provide

  • Superior durability
  • Good levelling
  • High hardness
  • Good flexibility
  • Antigraffiti properties

Powder Coatings

VESTAGON® products enable an unlimited choice of final coating properties and are suitable for e.g. decorative transfer print processes and antigraffiti coatings. In addition it is possible to formulate 1-shot matte systems. Supporting products like a crosslinker for superior flow and a catalyst enabling to cure at low temperatures complement the VESTAGON® product range.

VESTAGON® products are crosslinking agents for light stable and weather resistant powder coating systems.

VESTAGON® Crosslinking agents for polyurethane powder coatings

Spray paint

PUR Systems - blocked

VESTAGON® B grades are ε-caprolactam-blocked,
PUR crosslinkers providing high crosslinking densitiy
and good levelling.

Coated facade

PUR systems - blocking agent free

VESTAGON® BF grades are internally blocked PUR
crosslinkers enabling the formulation of coatings
with low emission values.

Wheel with brake

VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 for automotive powder coatings

The PU Crosslinker VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 provides the added value to automotive powder coatings.

Please note that products may not be available in every country. Consult with your area sales manager for further information.