Lightweight battery concept based on VESTALITE® S curing agent

High voltage battery housing for more lightweight and cost-effective e-mobility developed by Evonik and partners

Novel SMC-based electric vehicle Battery Concept

The new holistic battery system maintains strength and high voltage performance, but reduces the battery housing weight by ~10% , offering the automotive industry a safer and more energy efficient alternative to the heavier metal-based, or higher priced carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.

Based on our new epoxy SMC – VESTALITE® S curing agent, the lightweight design and production flexibility helps to deliver significant energy savings making the new battery system suitable for use in all vehicle size and classes.

Electric vehicle battery

Benefits at a Glance

  • Based on type 21700 cylindrical cells
  • Among the industry leaders in battery performance
  • Up to 160 Wh/kg (pack level)
  • Fulfills legal requirements with sustaining 800 °C for at least 10 minutes
  • Reliable in the harshest environmental conditions
  • Immersion cooling technology greatly improves electrical performance
  • 10 % lighter than comparable SMC standard materials
  • Impact rating 3x greater than min. EU safety requirements
  • Improved strength and stiffness of indivdual parts increases overal strength
  • Scalable tooling – configurations for 65, 85 and 120 kWh
  • Integral design / less assembly
  • Cost-efficient up to > 100.000 p/a – one tooling
  • Fully developed recycling and up-cycling concept
  • Vestalite®S based Lorenz Epoxy-GF-SMC reduces the CO2-footprint
  • Module accessibility due to detachable connection concept
  • Highly customizable battery units for complex geometries
  • Novel tooling concept
  • Production flexibility means various casing sizes are possible

VESTALITE® S 101 for next generation epoxy SMC materials

VESTALITE® S curing agent is a high performance solution for sheet molding compound (SMC) material with low VOC when combined with a liquid epoxy resin.

  • Semi-structural parts
  • Supporting structures
  • Exterior / Interior parts
  • High mechanical performance
  • Low VOC / No smell