Adhesion promoters for automotive PVC and acrylic plastisols

Nourybond® polyamide- and blocked isoyanate-based technologies improve adhesion of plastisols to primed metal surfaces.

The Nourybond® binding agent product line from Evonik is the broadest range of high-performance adhesion promoters for automotive PVC and acrylic plastisols in the world. The Nourybond polyamide-based and blocked isoyanate-based technologies provide solutions to the most demanding performance requirements.

Latest Solutions

Car manufacturing

Nourybond® 382 New generation of adhesion promoters for difficult substrates

In response to these market drivers, Evonik has developed a new generation of adhesion promoters, Nourybond® 382, tailored for PVC-based sealants and coatings to be applied on such difficult substrates. 

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