Application areas 

One-component (1K) & two-component (2K) adhesive solutions

Evonik provides high-performance adhesive and sealants solutions - may it be for electronics, automotive, general assemply, aerospace or packaging adhesives

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Epoxy is well-suited for this type of application because of its temperature resistance and high strength. Our products find their applications particularly in battery sealants, magnet bonding and electronics manufacture.

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Automotive (Adhesives)

We provide a broad and diverse range of products and solutions to automotive adhesive applications. Our epoxy curing agents go into one-component (1K) and two-component (2K) epoxy adhesive system that are widely used for substitution of mechanical fasteners, welding and bonding dissimilar materials in auto OEM and aftermarket applications.

Car manufacturing

Automotive (Sealants)

With our Nourybond grades we provide an established adhesion promoter for PVC plastisol applications for underbody coatings, seam sealer and hem-flange bondings.

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General assembly

Our polyamide curing agents are used for general assembly. Key performances are adequate viscosity and reactivity. Our product system play an important role e.g. in fabrication and performance of wind turbine blades, exhibit high levels of toughness and durability to with stand extreme loads throughout service life.



Our products are used in both aerospace/aircraft structural adhesives and interior adhesives to provide higher strength, flexibility and possibility of different substrates (like metals, composites, etc.) bonding.

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Polyisocyanates used as hardener for two-component dry lamination adhesives for flexible packaging, retort food packaging and industrial plastic laminates .

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