Ancamine® curing agents fall into two major classes: modified aliphatic and cycloaliphatic polyamines.

Aliphatic polyamines are known for their high reactivity, fast cure at ambient or low temperature, and good color retention.

Cycloaliphatic polyamines are known for their resistance to amine blush and waterspotting, excellent color and color stability, good adhesion, good film properties (e.g. excellent gloss), and cure under damp conditions.

Evonik offers a wide range of modified aliphatic and cycloaliphatic curing agents with varying pot-life, viscosity, cure speed, and chemical resistance.
Ancamine curing agents are used across many different applications, including flooring, concrete repair, adhesives, chemically resistant linings and secondary containment, solvent-free and high- solids coatings, lay-up laminating, electrical encapsulation, and filament winding.

Ancamine® 2914UF New ultra-fast curing agent for adhesives applications

Ancamine® 2914UF is an epoxy curing agent designed to  achieve an ultra-fast cure speed at room temperature in adhesive applications.                  

Ancamine® 2800 Create a better moisture shield and stop floor failures to stand above the rest.

ANCAMINE® 2800 uses a unique technology that provides fast return-to-service cure rates in damp environments, and is a truly low emission product that satisfies green housing requirements.

Ancamine® 2878                                          Meeting global regulatory drivers while boosting applicator productivity  

Ancamine® 2878 has been developed to offer a curing agent that can impart low viscosity and fast property development on epoxy formulations.                                                             

Ancamine® R215 New solutions for composite reinforced bars

Rebars based Ancamine® R 215 overcompensate the disadvanteges of steel rebars and existing composite rebar systems.

Epoxy curing agents for chemical resistant applications


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