Ancamine® 2811 for high solid epoxy coatings

High performance low temperature curing agent for excellent corrosion protection

Ancamine® 2811 is a phenalkamine based modified amine curing agent

Ancamine® 2811 provides fast drying times and corrosion resistance. It can be used in high solids ambient cure coatings and heavy-duty coatings applications.


Key benefits of Ancamine® 2811

One of the most compelling advantages of Ancamide® 2811 is its exceptional corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for protective coatings in harsh environments. Whether it's infrastructure, industrial equipment, or marine applications, this curing agent provides a robust barrier against corrosive elements.

Moreover, Ancamide® 2811 boasts an excellent overcoat window, providing flexibility in multi-layer coating processes and ensuring strong intercoat adhesion. This feature is particularly beneficial when time constraints or unpredictable weather conditions might otherwise compromise coating schedules.

Another significant benefit of Ancamide® 2811 is its ability to maintain a blush-free finish even in low-temperature and high-humidity conditions. This ensures that the aesthetic integrity of the coating is preserved, and the end result is both durable and visually appealing.

Lastly, the product demonstrates good cathodic disbondment results, indicating its effectiveness in protecting metal substrates from corrosion under insulation and other scenarios where coatings may be subjected to high electrical stress.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Faster drying time at low temperature
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Excellent overcoat window
  • Blush free at Low temperature and high relative humidity
  • Excellent carbamation resistance
  • Good blush resistance



Applications of Ancamine® 2811

Ancamine® 2811 is a high-performance curing agent that provides rapid drying, superior corrosion protection, and consistent results across various challenging conditions, making it a top choice for professionals seeking reliability and excellence in their epoxy coating applications. It can be used in various applications to protect assets exposed to harsh environments

Applications at a glance

  • Industrial maintenance coatings
  • General protective coatings
  • Heavy duty equipment
  • OEM
  • Marine coatings

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