Ancamine® 2844

Sets new industry standard in ultra-fast curing for protective coatings

High functional aliphatic amine with fast low temperature cure speed

Ancamine® 2844 is a low viscosity, high solid amine epoxy curing agent designed for
use in plural 2k component spray applications. It is highly reactive and exhibits ultra-fast cure and rapid property development at low temperatures down to 5°C and high humidity conditions, to provide excellent surface appearance.

Key benefits of Ancamine® 2844

Ancamine® 2844 is an ultra-fast cure hardener that offers multiple benefits for plural component applications. One of its most significant advantages is its ultra-fast dry speed, even at low temperatures down to 5°C. This allows for quicker turnaround times and increased productivity. Additionally, Ancamine® 2844 epoxy curing agent provides excellent surface appearance, even at low temperatures, resulting in a high-quality finish.

Furthermore, this hardener combines low viscosity and low loading at high solid content, making it easier to handle and apply. It also offers high chemical and corrosion resistance, with 3000 hours of salt spray resistance. Overall, Ancamine® 2844 is an excellent choice for those looking for a fast, efficient, and high-quality hardener for their plural component applications.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Ultra-fast dry speed down to 5°C
  • Excellent surface appearance at low temperature
  • Combination of low viscosity and low loading at high solid content
  • High chemical and corrosion resistance


Applications of Ancamine® 2844

Ancamine® 2844 is a high functionality aliphatic amine that is specifically designed for plural component applications. It offers an ultra-fast cure property, making it ideal for a range of applications, including winter coatings, cold temperature applications with low carbamation, fast cure protective coatings, and industrial coatings.

Applications at a glance

  • Winter coatings​
  • Cold temperature applications with low carbamation​
  • Fast cure protective coatings​
  • Industrial coatings

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