Ancamide® & Ancamine®


Flexible polyamide curing agents for epoxy adhesives

Bonding dissimilar substrates will be key

Stricter regulations on fleet consumption and CO2 emissions are driving the demand for energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility options, leading to increased momentum for electric mobility solutions and a technological transformation in the automotive industry. While electric vehicles are gaining market share, challenges remain in manufacturing processes, mainly related to new battery concepts and lightweight design. This has led to a greater use of dissimilar materials, and tailored adhesive solutions are now playing a crucial role.

Key benefits of Ancamine® & Ancamide® 2K ADHESIVES curing agents

Addressing these challenges, Evonik has created a line of flexible curing agents specifically designed for use with epoxy adhesives, such as Ancamide® 910, Ancamine® 1922A and Ancamine® 2638, which are ideal for bonding dissimilar materials. Adhesives formulated with these curing agents exhibit exceptional adhesion and peel strength without any additional surface preparation, making them suitable for use with materials like steel, aluminum, and engineering plastics. The curing agents’ flexible backbones provide good flexibility and thermal shock resistance to adhesives which is complemented by an outstanding environmental resistance. Additionally, their relatively low viscosities also allow for the formulation of higher filled adhesives applied as thermal interface materials for instance.

These unique properties along with options for different viscosities, gel times, use levels and glass transition temperatures make Ancamide® 910, Ancamine® 1922A and Ancamine® 2638 a valuable toolbox for those in the automotive industry looking for solutions in lightweight as well as efficient electric vehicle production.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Improved flexibility and adhesion
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Good compatibility and adhesion to various substrates


Find the right solution according to your needs

Ancamide® 910 curing agent is a versatile, flexible hardener designed for use with liquid epoxy resin.


  • Flexible backbone imparts good flexibility and peel strength
  • Good temperature shock resistance
  • Lower viscosity compared to standard Polyamides
  • Good compatibility and adhesion to various substrates

Ancamine® 1922A curing agent is a low viscosity, moderately reactive room temperature curing agent for liquid epoxy resins.


  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • High Toughness and resiliency
  • Good electrical properties up to 60°C

Ancamine® 2638 curing agent is a modified aliphatic amine designed for use with liquid epoxy resins in two-package formulations.


  • Low color
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • High toughness


Applications of Ancamine® & Ancamide® curing agents for 2K ADHESIVES

Ancamine® & Ancamide® curing agents can be used either as a sole curing agent or as a modifier, and it is an ideal choice for electronic potting and encapsulation compounds, two-component adhesive formulations, coatings, civil engineering and composites applications.

Applications at a glance

  • Electronic potting and encapsulation
  • General-purpose, two-component adhesives
  • Coatings, civil engineering and composites



Evonik's product portfolio for two-component epoxy adhesives includes a range of modified and non-modified, cyclic and non-cyclic amines, amidoamines, and polyamides.


Epoxy Curing Agents for 2k Adhesive Applications

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