Ancamine® 2836

Multi functional Mannich Base  providing excellent all-round chemical resistance

Building block for high solid formulations

Ancamine® 2836 curing agent is a high functionality aliphatic mannich base amine designed for use in two pack epoxy formulations. It is a highly effective curing agent with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance properties making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications including protective coatings.

Key benefits of Ancamine® 2836

Ancamine® 2836 offers a wide range of benefits for protective coatings. One of the key benefits is its excellent chemical and corrosion resistance properties, which make it ideal for use in harsh environments. This product also offers fast cure times, which helps to reduce production time and increase productivity. 

Another significant benefit of Ancamine® 2836 is its compatibility with a range of epoxy resins, allowing for the development of high-performance coatings with excellent adhesion and durability. 

Key benefits at a glance

  • Good all-round chemical resistance
  • Provides high cross-linkable system with excellent Tg development 
  • Good balance of working life and cure property development



Applications of Ancamine® 2836

The applications of Ancamine® 2836 include protective coatings, low-temperature cure coatings, chemically resistant coatings, and tank linings. This product is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Applications at a glance

  • Protective coatings
  • Low temperature cure​ coatings
  • Chemically resistant coatings
  • Tank linings


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