VESTANAT® EP-M/EP-E grades have outstanding mechanical properties

Silaneurethane hybrid crosslinkers for scratch resistant surfaces

The VESTANAT® EP-M/EP-E grades exhibit outstanding performance with regard to mechanical and chemical properties, used for DIY and professional coatings.

Evonik has developed a new crosslinking concept for high performance, scratch resistant coatings based on adducts of isocyanatosilanes. This class of silaneurethane hybrid crosslinkers exhibits an outstanding performance profile with regard to both mechanical and chemical properties.

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The VESTANAT® EP-M product range is based on IPMS and PUR adducts.
It combines PUR properties with glass-like hardness in a single, NCO-free
component. The products are curable at elevated temperatures above 80 °C.

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The VESTANAT® EP-MF product range transforms the unique hybrid
properties of IPMS-based adducts into isocyanate-free, moisture-curable
systems for room temperature applications with drying times of less than one hour.

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VESTANAT® EP-E grades impart the same high performance in terms of
durabilty and scratch resistance as the M-grades but are based on ethoxysilane technology. The EP-E grades offer full formulation freedom in terms of flexibilty, durability and reactivity.

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VESTANAT® EP-EF grades are fully formulated, catalyzed ethoxy-silane
based adducts and resemble the ready-to-use versions of the EP-E grades.
Both, EP-E and EP-EF grades are suitable for DIY applications.

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