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Polyurethane coatings: High class appearance meets performance

May it be building blocks for resin synthesis, hardeners for 2K coatings or blocked systems for 1K applications – Evonik Crosslinkers offers the right solution.

Car manufacturing

Automotive OEM & Car Refinish

Polyurethane coatings for the automotive industry show high performance in many ways. They need to withstand environmental impacts such as UV-irradiation or water and salt – they need to maintain their superior appearance and high gloss over a long period of time. Also, resistance towards scratches is important for an automotive clear coat. On the application side, shortened curing cycles at lower temperatures and less emitted VOCs are key requirments from the industry to be taken into account as well. 

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Powder Coating

Easy to use, environmentally friendly and cost effective: Powder coatings have become extremely popular. They find use in a wide range of applications, such as automotive, architectural, lawn and garden as well as for general metal applications. PUR powder coatings show superior light stability and chemical resistance due to high crosslinking densities. Chemical as well as hydrogen bondings  between urethane groups lead to high surface hardness while acting flexible in case of impacts from outside.  


Can & Coil Coating

Cans are filled with a variety of different things like food or cosmetics. Interior can coatings have the task of protecting both the can and the filling material for aging or contamination. Such coatings are also applied to the outside and have the task of being able to make the can visually sophisticated. Blocked VESTANAT® polyurethane crosslinkers offer solutions for interior as well as exterior coating applications within the can- & coil coating industry. Highly flexible coatings with superior durability are easy to obtain, ensuring prime protection.

Coated wood

Wood Coatings

Furniture, joinery, and flooring are just a few of the various application areas for wood coatings. Water based polyurethane dispersions (PUD) and also solvent based, linear PU resins based on VESTANAT® IPDI or VESTANAT® H12MDI are ideal raw materials for these coatings.

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Floor Coatings

Balconies or (roof) terraces are constantly exposed to the weather and can be cracked by heat and freezing, which can cause moisture damage. Moisture curing, NCO terminated PUR prepolymers offer a very smart approach for a convenient refurbishment and a high-performance coating at the same time. The curing reaction is induced by humidity from the air. VESTANAT® IPDI is preferred because it offers low viscosity resins with also low content of residual monomer.

Artificial leather

Artificial Leather

Today not only fashion items such as handbags, shoes and garments, but also everyday products like car seats and furniture are often made of polyurethane (PU) based artificial leather as a sustainable alternative to genuine leather. It is durable, weather-resistant, easy to clean and versatile in terms of colour and design.


Plastic Coatings

Plastic coatings cover finishes for components supplied by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) using polymerized materials for transportation (interior and exterior), consumer electronics, PVC flooring, and others as well as lifestyle products, cosmetic packaging, sports equipment, toys, and more.