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From roof to foundation, from protecting ancient national treasures to building cities of the future, Evonik's crosslinkers and curing agents boost your construction formulation

Flooring Solutions


PUR Flooring

VESTANAT® IPDI and T1890 are used for decorative and protective top layers, 1K moisture cure as well as 2K cure . They provide excellent weathering durability, mechanical properties and can achieve several specific surface effects like scratch resistance, matt surface and slip resistance.

Glossy flooring

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy coatings and flooring systems are broadly used in commercial and industrial markets to provide cost-effective, superior performance for many years. Epoxy flooring increases the life of substrate by protecting it from wear, chemical attacks, stains, and mechanical stress and also capable to provide a good decorative appearance.

Glossy flooring in a hall

Polyaspartic Flooring

Evonik has developed the advanced polyaspartics, Amicure® IC polycarbamide series, to fill the performance gaps of typical flooring systems. When included in floor coatings, they provide a unique combination of UV stability, ultrafast return to service, low-temperature cure, high abrasion resistance, and the ability to vary the gloss down to matte finish.

Glossy concrete floor

Epoxy modified concrete coatings

Cementitious overlay systems for concrete floors offer numerous benefits like a smooth and durable new surface.

Coated concrete floor


The most common means to address flooring failures due to moisture vapor or to apply moisture vapor barrier (MVB) coatings on the surface of the concrete slab.

Wall tiles

Grouts and mortar

Floor and wall tiles are used in both decorative and industrial applications. Grouts and mortar requirements for these installations could include good color durability, improved chemical resistance and low viscosity for high filler loadings.

Parking deck

Parking Deck Overlays

Flexible systems for parking decks require strong adhesion to concrete, fast cure and abrasion resistance.

Industrial flooring

Industrial Flooring

Epoxy formulations are frequently chosen over other systems for industrial flooring due to the need for protection to various chemicals, solvents, oils, etc. in different environments.

Concrete repair & restoration

Concrete filling

Joint fillers

Semi-rigid filled epoxy fillers are used for construction joints or to fill in cracks in concrete floors and slabs where they can prevent concrete deterioration at the edge of the joint or crack .

Concrete cracks

Crack injection

Concrete repair systems restore structural integrity, prevent further damage to the structures and/or improve appearance.

Concrete structure elements

Bolt Anchoring

These systems are used to improve the structural capacity of the existing structural elements, which require additional strengthening, rehabilitation and/or repair.

Epoxy adhesives and polyurethane sealant systems

Gluing parket

Adhesive systems

VESTAMIN® for epoxy based 2K construction adhesive system.
Bonding agents are used to improve the bond between hardened existing concrete and new, freshly poured concrete.

Sealing of elements

Sealant systems

VESTANAT® for PUR systems in 1K and 2K sealant systems.

Durability of concrete structures

Bridge rebars

Composite rebars

Ancamine® R 215-based composite rebars that combine the advantages of polymanies in epoxy systems.

Industrial Construction

Storage tank

Linings for secondary containment

Linings are used to protect concrete in chemical processing systems, wastewater treatment plants, sewers, paper mills and food plants. The linings are applied in trenches, spillways, pads, pits, sumps, pipe chases, drum containment areas and loading areas. They can also be used to repair the internal surfaces of storage tanks.


Machine Grouts/Chocking Compounds

These systems are used to construct bases and mount mechanical equipment .

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