polyurethane crosslinker for class a surfaces

Polyurethane crosslinker for Class A Surfaces

VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 provides UV, stone chip, acid rain and brake fluids resistance to automotive powder coatings.

Whenever superior leveling combined with high reactivity is requested, powder coating formulators wouldn't take a polyurethane system into account. But time changes.

With VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 and a dedicated catalyst approach these stumbling blocks can be removed enabling polyurethane powder coatings to fulfill highest demands as requested from the automotive industry.

VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 is an internally blocked PU-crosslinkers enabling the formulation of coatings with low emissions.

Benefits at a glance

VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 shows significantly better leveling due to low melting viscosity. This advantage is particularly important for low temperature curing at 160 °C when using a dedicated catalyst approach.

VESTAGON® BF grades are internally blocked IPDI based polyisocyanates enabling the formulation of coatings that comply with high environmental requirements.

VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 improves UV and stone chip resistance and helps powder coated rims, assembly parts and automotive trim to withstand chemical attacks e.g. from acid rain and brake fluids.

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