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Tough performance meets superior appearance 

VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 meets highest performance demands for powder coating formulations in the automotive industry. 

Rims can be the visual icing on the cake for any car. From glossy silver and matte black to any colour imaginable – nearly everything is possible to give rims a special appearance. The “magic formula” that make rims to an eye catcher is: powder coating. But aesthetics is only one side of the coin. The other side is much more important because powder coatings can also provide rims with great durability by giving them the outstanding protection against acid rain, brake fluid spills, scratches, stone chip or just the daily exposure to UV radiation. 
How does this protection actually work? A short retrospect: Once upon a time, whenever superior levelling combined with high reactivity was requested, powder coating formulators wouldn't take a polyurethane system into account. Those days are gone. Always at the forefront of developments, Evonik's Crosslinkers Business Line designed a polyurethane (PUR) formulation for powder coatings based on VESTAGON® BF grades, which provides both, excellent durability against environmental influences and a high surface quality. So VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 improves UV, stone chip, and scratch resistance and helps powder coated rims to withstand chemical attacks e.g. from acid rain and brake fluids. It also gives rims a superior appearance with an excellent gloss control. 
VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 is a blocking agent free PU-crosslinker, enabling the formulation of powder coatings with low emissions that comply with high environmental requirements, cure at low temperatures (e.g. 160°C) and delivers unique levelling for perfect glossy surfaces. With VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 and a dedicated catalyst approach, polyurethane powder coatings are able to fulfil highest performance demands like requested from the automotive industry.  

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VESTAGON® EP-BF 1350 meets highest performance demands for powder coating formulations in the automotive industry. 

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