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Flowers for an aluminium frame

 VESTAGON® delivers sustainability and environmental protection.

Aluminum windows are trending. Considered modern and elegant, they are robust, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. This metal version of the window frame also offers an important safety advantage: the material does not burn. Plus, an innovative printing process now makes it possible to change the color of aluminum, eliminating any limits on window frame design. Whether you’re after a flashy look, a floral pattern, or a deceptively realistic wood grain—the sky is the limit. The word “colorful” also applies to aluminum doors, aluminum cabinets, aluminum exterior elements, and much more.

Underlying these visually appealing decorative options lies what is known as thermal sublimation printing, a relatively new method in the coatings-processing industry. The process involves printing specialized inks on release paper and then transferring these to the printed surface at high temperatures and pressures. What makes the method so special is that the printing ink does not remain on the printed surface—it instead migrates into the surface so that it cannot come off.

At the heart of this modern form of surface treatment are powder coatings that utilize highly efficient crosslinkers made by Evonik´s business line Crosslinkers. Combining these coatings with a crosslinker like VESTAGON® allows them to perform to their fullest. And that’s not all: these powder coating systems are becoming increasingly important in terms of environmental protection and sustainability as well. This is because they contain no solvents and generate neither wastewater nor paint sludge that needs to be disposed of by a professional. Paint recovery (over 95%) is technically feasible as well. This makes powder coatings among the most environmentally friendly coating products available, as the German Environment Agency has confirmed.

Crosslinkers - Creating Marketable and Intelligent SolutionsMechanical strength, durability, chemical resistance and excellent color stability and adhesion properties – Evonik´s business line Crosslinkers offers tailor-made solutions for customers all over the world. As a raw material supplier, we have a profound understanding of the needs of our customers and their unique markets. Our range of products and expertise generates added value in a number of areas: from coatings and adhesives to civil engineering, high-performance elastomers and composites.

 VESTAGON® delivers sustainability and environmental protection.

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