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The new bicycle boom

VESTAGON® ensures the formulation of powder coatings with excellent mechanical resistance for the two-wheeler industry.

Training of the cardiovascular system and musculature, improvement of stamina: In the late 1960s, Americans' growing fitness awareness let adults get back into cycling, which led to a true bicycle boom in the 1970s. Between 1971 and 1975, the peak years of the American bicycle boom, nearly 17 million new bicycles were sold. This was four times the number sold before 1960.

It took another 60 years for the industry witness a similar boom. With the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, when gyms and sport centres were forced to close, millions of Americans rediscovered the bicycle as a piece of sports equipment and for transportation. Since the onset of the pandemic, four percent of the adult U.S. population rode a bike again for the first time in one or more years, or for the first time ever, according to research by US-foundation People for Bikes. Statistics show, that Americans spent $6.9 billion on bicycles and accessories in 2020, up from $6.1 billion the year before. This trend continued in 2021.

The new bicycle boom is also shown by global figures: According to reports, the value of the global bicycle market was $59.9 billion in 2021 and is forecast to continue growing. All over the world, new bike lanes are being built in rural and urban areas to accommodate this growth.   

Success factors for the bicycle industry are that the bike is an environmentally friendly and healthy means of transport - and almost anyone could learn to ride it. Today, bicycles are available in a wide range of variants. Currently, mountain bikes, racing bikes and e-bikes are particularly popular with buyers.

To ensure that the metal parts of a bicycle, e.g. the frame, withstand impact and scratching, they must be protected by coatings that are highly powerful. Scratch and impact resistance make polyurethane coatings the material of choice. Here comes Evonik into play: VESTAGON® by Evonik's Crosslinkers business line are polyurethane crosslinkers for powder coatings. VESTAGON® can be used to formulate coatings showing excellent mechanical resistance by high surface hardness while acting flexible in case of impacts from outside. VESTAGON® also brings light stability, weather resistance and perfect gloss control into power coating systems.


Crosslinkers - Creating Marketable and Intelligent Solutions

Mechanical strength, durability, chemical resistance and excellent color stability and adhesion properties – Evonik´s business line Crosslinkers offers tailor-made solutions for customers all over the world. As a raw material supplier, we have a profound understanding of the needs of our customers and their unique markets. Our range of products and expertise generates added value in a number of areas: from coatings and adhesives to civil engineering, high-performance elastomers and composites.


VESTAGON® ensures the formulation of powder coatings with excellent mechanical resistance for the two-wheeler industry.


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