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Charting new waters in protective coating applications

New Ancamine® 2844 delivers ultra-fast drying speeds at low temperatures in marine and protective coatings

Ships play an important part in the global economy with large container vessels  transporting over 90 % of the world’s trade, and cruise liners generating lucrative revenues for the travel industry. Over 90,000 ships of various sizes are sailing the world's oceans - from container ships, bulk carriers, and tankers to ferries, cruise liners, and navy vessels.

Whether it is a container ship “made in Asia” or a luxury liner constructed in an European boatyard, all ships sailing the seven seas have something in common: Major components are made of steel, e.g. the outer hull of the ship. These parts are permanently exposed to the aggressive properties of  salt both in the water and in the air. Without effective corrosion protection, the ship will be massively damaged in short time. So modern coating systems are required to form a robust barrier between the water and the steel construction. These coatings are also used to protect ship's propellers and structures like oil rigs and buoys against corrosion in seawater.  

To make protective coating applications more effective and to avoid long maintenance times, we’ve added a novel epoxy cure hardener to  our curing portfolio: With its ultra-fast cure properties and rapid property development in challenging low temperature and high humidity conditions, the new hardener Ancamine® 2844 sets a new benchmark (or high watermark) in marine and protective coating applications.

Ancamine® 2844 is a highly functional curing agent that offers multiple benefits for plural component applications. One of its most significant advantages is its ultra-fast dry speed, even at low temperatures down to 5°C, making it ideal for winter coatings and cold temperature applications. This allows for quicker turnaround times and increased productivity. Additionally, the new product provides excellent surface appearance, resulting in a high-quality glossy finish. Furthermore, the hardener combines low viscosity and low loading at high solid content, making it easier to handle and apply. It also offers high chemical and corrosion resistance with 3000 hours of salt spray resistance, making it a robust solution for meeting the fast cure requirements for protective and marine coatings.

With its latest curing agent, Evonik offers a product that not only enhances productivity for applications that require quick turnaround times, but also maintains the quality of the finish and protection, even in the most demanding environments.

Ancamine® 2844 will be available globally in Q4 2024, providing the coatings industry with a superior hardener that enhances efficiency, quality, and durability of coatings in a wide range of applications. The new product has been designed for use in plural 2k component spray applications.

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Ancamine® 2844 delivers ultra-fast dry speed at low temperature in marine and protective coating

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