Water-based epoxy curing agents

Anquamine® products are water-based epoxy curing agents that offer a range of benefits including low or no VOC, low color, good abrasion resistance, and good adhesion, especially to damp concrete. They are nonflammable and easy to apply and clean.

Evonik offers a range of Anquamine® curing agents with different cure speed that could be used with various epoxy resins.

Anquamine curing agents find use in protective and industrial concrete coatings, self-leveling and mortar floors and grouts, steel coatings, and anti-corrosive primers for OEM light duty applications.



You’re on safer ground with waterborne epoxy flooring

Anquamine® 728

Less downtime with Anquamine® 728 curing agent on your team

Anquamine® 287 

High-performance waterborne epoxy formulation for self-leveling cementitious coating for concrete

Moisture mitigation solutions for flooring systems using Evonik’s epoxy curing agents


Anquamine® product listing

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