Anquamine® 670

Highly versatile, low viscosity waterborne hardener with  good balance of cost-effectiveness and high performance 

Cost-efficient waterborne technology 

Anquamine® 670 is a low viscosity modified amine adduct dissolved in water offering fast curing, good color stability and aesthetics. This epoxy curing agent has the ability to emulsify liquid epoxy resins and is ideal for use in water-based epoxy coatings.

Key benefits of Anquamine® 670

Anquamine® 670 is a highly versatile, low viscosity waterborne hardener that offers good color stability and overall handling performance. Anquamine® 670 is an economically attractive choice for manufacturers and applicators alike offering a cost effective solution that ensures projects are completed quickly and efficiently. By reducing the amount of solvent required, it not only lowers the overall cost of the formulation but also enhances workplace safety by minimizing the exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Its waterborne nature ensures low VOC levels, aligning with sustainability goals. The product's superior color stability makes it ideal for applications where aesthetic longevity is essential. Anquamine®670 is an eco-friendly solution that does not compromise on quality or performance, offering compelling benefits for diverse coating applications. 

Key benefits at a glance

  • Good color and color stability
  • Fast drying
  • Good hardness development
  • Good flexibility
  • No flash rusting
  • Visible end of pot life
  • Cement stable
  • No free amine content


Applications of Anquamine® 670

Anquamine® 670 provides excellent adhesion to a range of substrates and therefore can be used in a wide variety of coatings applications. In particular, in applications where low color and good color stability is important to maintain a vibrant appearance over time. It also offers good film hardness with flexibility — a good combination for many coatings applications. Furthermore, initial tests (still ongoing) indicate that Anquamine® 670 also offers good water-resistance in anti-corrosive applications:

Applications at a glance

  • Institutional Coatings on concrete surfaces e.g. hospitals, schools, kitchens
  • High-gloss top-coats and mid-coats
  • Wall and floor coatings and primers
  • Polymer modified concrete

Selection Chart: Choose the right solution according to your needs! 

Anquamine® curing agents boost concrete and steel coatings, self-leveling, mortar floors and grouts, as well as anti-corrosive primers for OEMs.

Waterborne Solutions

Among all waterborne solutions Anquamine® 670 is the right choice when you are looking for a good balance of cost-effectiveness, performance, and environmental responsibility.

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