Anquamine® 419

Waterborne hardener for metal protection, recommended to use in package with Ancarez® 555

High corrosion protection for waterborne applications

Anquamine® 419 waterborne curing agent is a modified aliphatic amine supplied at 60% solids in water (15%) and methoxy propanol (25%). It is intended for use with waterborne solid epoxy resin dispersions in two-component, ambient-cure, waterborne epoxy coatings.

Key benefits of Anquamine® 419

Anquamine® 419 is a type of waterborne epoxy curing agent that offers several benefits, including excellent corrosion resistance, rapid dry time, excellent adhesion to steel, good color and gloss, stain resistance, low odor, and low free amine content. These high-performance properties make it a popular choice for anticorrosive primers and topcoats coatings used in various industries, such as automotive, marine, and industrial applications.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Excellent adhesion to steel
  • Rapid dry time in combination with solid epoxy resin
  • Good color, gloss and stain resistance 
  • Low odor, low free amine content, no co-solvent needed for curing
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance


Applications of Anquamine® 419

Anquamine® 419 delivers excellent properties in anticorrosive primers, white gloss enamels and clear coats with solid epoxy resin dispersions. It can be used with different epoxy dispersions depending on the desired end-use properties.

Applications at a glance

  • Industrial maintenance and marine primers and topcoats
  • General metal primers
  • Transportation primers
  • Concrete and steel coatings



Anquamine® curing agents boost concrete and steel coatings, self-leveling and mortar floors and grouts as well as anti-corrosive primers for OEM.


General Protective Coatings

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