China: New Waterborne Curing agent for Protective Coatings

Anquamine® 469 satisfies the most demanding container coatings in terms of environmental friendliness and outstanding mechanical performance.

Due to more stringent environmental regulations, particularly with respect to reduced
volatile organic compounds (VOCs), there is a drive within the coatings industry to switch from
conventional solvent borne systems to waterborne coatings.

Although waterborne polyepoxide coating systems are known, there have been deficiencies associated with these systems.   

New Anquamine® 469 addresses curent challenges and boosts coatings performance

Anquamine® 469 is a waterborne curing agent specially designed for waterborne protective coatings, e.g. container and transportation coatings with low VOC.  It offers excellent salt spray resistance and good adhesion curing at high temperature with high moisture - ideally suited for container production conditions.


  • Container coating
  • Transportation coating
  • Machinery coating

Production Benefits

  • Faster drying speed
  • Lower VOC emissions and eco-friendly
  • Excellent adhesion curing under high temperature with high humidity 
  • Fast dry speed and easily to polish after flash cured 
  • Low using dosage, cost-in-use, long pot life

Coating Benefits

  • Early muggy resistance to hot and cold moisture 
  • Early salt spray resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance with different type solid epoxy resin dispersion
  • Hot water, inorganic and alkaline resistance
  • Styrene putty resistance


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Product selection chart

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