Press release
April 15, 2010

Smart Formulating Scores Big at the 2010 American Coatings Show and Conference

Evonik showcased a broad range of products and system solutions for the paint and coatings industry in a 1,200 sq ft “Smart Formulating” booth at the American Coatings Show (ACS) in Charlotte, NC during the week of April 12, 2010.

The Smart Formulating concept, Evonik’s guiding principle in the paint and coatings market, is a customer-oriented categorization of six coatings components. It represents the close cooperation and interdepartmental networking of various business units and specialized teams within Evonik, with the goal of developing innovative, effective, and customized solutions for advanced paint and coating systems.

Evonik’s 30 ft x 40 ft space was designed according to these coating components rather than by business unit. This allowed our customers a comfortable orientation and to quickly identify the ideal Evonik products for their specific needs.

New product introductions included:

• Next Generation Colorants: CHROMA-CHEM® 897 for high performance waterborne industrial applications and CHROMA-CHEM® 846 for high performance solventborne industrial applications

• New silica-based matting agent EXP 3600, perfectly suited for use in UV-cured coatings

• TEGO® Glide 485, a slip and flow additive for FDA compliant printing inks and overprint varnishes used in packaging applications

• TEGO® Dispers 670, a new Wetting and Dispersing Additive for Solventborne Coatings and Inks.

Running parallel to ACS, the American Coatings Conference (ACC) brought together experts from around the globe for three days of high-level workshops, presentations and discussions about cutting-edge innovations. Evonik’s technical experts were on-hand to deliver posters, technical papers and product presentations.

ACS 2010 management reported 328 exhibitors and about 6,700 overall participants at last week’s event compared with ACS 2008 at 331 and 5,600, respectively. Exhibitors from 17 countries displayed a comprehensive range of products on 68,100 square feet of space on all aspects of paint and coating formulation. Companies from abroad accounted for 23 percent of the exhibitors, and in addition to the US, leading countries represented at the show included China, Germany, Canada and India.

The next American Coatings Show & Conference will take place on May 7-10, 2012 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN.