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Crosslinkers‘ Ancamine® goes Hermitage

Ancamine® 2605 and Ancamine® 2519 improve the performance of floor coating systems in the construction sector.

Simply stunning: The Hermitage in the Russian city of St. Petersburg is one of the largest and most beautiful art museums of the world. The Hermitage, declared UNESCO World Heritage as related part of the historic centre of St. Petersburg in 1990, was founded in 1764 and served as a private gallery for the art amassed by Empress Catherine the Great. Today, the iconic State Hermitage Museum – so the official name - hosted one of the world‘s most important collections of art, seen by more than 4.2 million visitors coming from all countries around the globe every year.
Just the architecture of the huge museum complex with its five magnificent buildings takes the visitors‘ breath away. Inside, more than 60.000 items from prehistoric artifacts to modern art, displayed in about 350 rooms, can be admired – including the largest collection of paintings in the world as well as the great artworks once passionately collected by the museum‘s imperial founder. But that‘s not all: There are almost three million additional exhibits stored in the archive – waiting to be shown in public on special occasion. And this is the place where Evonik‘s business line Crosslinkers with its Ancamine® curing agents comes into play: The storage rooms of the Hermitage became a new flooring. To formulate a high solid epoxy floor coating which meet all the customer‘s requirements, Ancamine® 2605 was used for the primer and Ancamine® 2519 for the top coat. 

The benefits are clearly obvious: Floor coating systems based on Ancamine® 2605 and Ancamine® 2519 offer an optimum of prevention against dusting, staining and chemical attacks, improve appearance and wear resistance, and, additionally, exhibit fast dry under low (room) temperature conditions for quicker turnaround of application. The low viscosity of Ancamine® 2605 used for the primer helps to penetrate concrete and fill pores and ensures good intercoat adhesion to prevent delamination, while Ancamine® 2519 used for the top coat scores with the ease of application and an excellent colour stability.


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Ancamine® 2605 and Ancamine® 2519 improve the performance of floor coating systems in the construction sector.

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