VESTAGON® - Crosslinking agents for polyurethane powder coatings global

Antigraffiti, optimized matting, low-temperature cure, food contact - VESTAGON® crosslinkers enable powder coating systems beyond your imagination.

VESTAMIN® - Curing agents for epoxy resin systems global

The products VESTAMIN® IPD and TMD are aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diamines from isophorone chemistry, complemented by VESTAMIN PACM based on a different raw material source.

VESTANAT® - Building blocks for polyurethane resins and elastomers

With its highly specialized product portfolio and broad expertise in crosslinker technology, Evonik is a major and essential provider of new solutions for resins and elastomers.

VESTANAT® - Polyurethane crosslinkers for liquid coating applications global

Aliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PUR systems and polyisocyanate crosslinkers for high performance PUR coatings.

VESTANAT® ME series for outstanding scratch and chemical resistance

Evonik has developed a new crosslinking concept for high performance, scratch and chemical resistant coatings based on adducts of isocyanatosilanes.

VESTASOL® - Specialty solvents and intermediates global

Solvents and specialty intermediates for a wide variety of applications.

VESTASOL® THN for oil extraction

VESTASOL® THN can be used as an additive for oil field chemicals to improve the yield of crude oil and gain an optimization of the output.