Application areas 

Solvents & Chemical synthesis

Whether in coatings, manufacturing, cleaning or degreasing surfaces, or in the formulation of crop protection agents, the properties and use of the solvent influences the final product

Overcoming special coating and ink challenges often requires a careful selection of solvents. Whether in the paint and coatings industry, in manufacturing, in cleaning or degreasing surfaces, or in the formulation of crop protection agents, the properties and use of the solvent significantly influences the performance of the end product. Due to their unique chemical structures.  

Car coat


Heat resistance, impact strength and high transparency are only a few criteria for high performance polycarbonates. VESTASOL® TMC-on  offers the basis to use those polycarbonates in automotive, medical devices and electronics.

Hand disinfection


Hand disinfection with professional disinfectants is one of the most important measures for killing pathogens on the skin. VESTASOL® IP provides the synthetic cornerstone for the production of disinfectants based on the antiseptic chloroxylenol (PCMX), to ensure germ-free hands for healthcare professionals.

Sun protection spray

UV Absorber

Sunscreen is very important to protect the the skin. In these products, various chemical substances filter the radiation. Crosslinkers offers cosmetic manufacturers VESTASOL® IP for producing highly active UVB filters. VESTASOL® IP provides the critical basis for all of the subsequent synthesis steps needed to generate UVB protection in sunscreens.

Vitamin tablet

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has positive effects for our welfare and health. The antioxidant effect protects our body against free radicals. Therefore the food and feed additives industry favors Vitamin E. VESTASOL® IP is one of the possible building blocks to produce synthetic Vitamin E.


Crop Protection

VESTASOL® IP plays a remarkable role as a solvent in the agrochemical industry. Its special properties allow formulations that permit a very fine and optimum distribution of herbicides or pesticide, thereby increasing the effectivity of the active agent.

Chemical glasses

Specialty Solvents

The specialty solvents VESTASOL® THN  and VESTASOL® DHN  are used in various fields of the industry. Especially in the flexoprint, pharma, coatings as well as agrochemical industry both products are imparting good flow, high gloss or acting as a hydrogen donor.

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