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Singapore Site

Singapore is an island city-state off southern Malaysia. It is a global commerce, finance and transport hub with a tropical climate and multicultural population.
Singapore site is located on a 16,000 m² area at the west side of the Island.

The initial part of the site was constructed between 1981-1983. The production of Epoxy Curing Agent (ECA) as Sunmide® brand began in 1983. In 1992, Sunmide® brand was further expanded significantly covering Inks & Hotmelt Resin product range. In 1995, further addition of ECA production capacity was completed. From 2003 onwards, ANCAMINE® and ANCAMIDE® brands of ECA were introduced to the site. In 2013, the site began the production of polyurethane catalyst blend of DABCO® brand. Currently, the site manufactures more than 170 grades of all the above products.
The site operates on a 5 days X 24 hours per week mode with ~24,000MT p.a. capacity.