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Ancamine® 2605 and Ancamine® 2519 improve the chemical and wear resistance of industrial floor 
coating systems.

Industrial floors must resist a series of factors like heavy weights and traffic as well as high mechanical stress and different chemicals. In short, they must be very tough. Every day, they are on the job and are literally the  foundation” of all kind of businesses. One example where an industrial floor needs to stand up to extreme pressure and heavy use are maintenance centers for railway cars. So as the Brateevo depot located in the Southeast of Russia‘s capital Moscow. The new multifunctional complex is designed to carry out maintanance, repairs, and overhaul of underground railway cars from all lines of the Moscow Metro. The Moscow metro system is the fourth longest in the world and the busiest one in Europe with 2.5 billion passengers a year. The Brateevo depot also includes a number of infrastructure facilities for servicing the important Zamoskvoretskaya line (Line 2), crossing Moscow on a length of 42.8 kilometres (26.6 miles) in north–south direction. The capacity of the depot allows to overhaul of 300 cars annually, and another 500 cars can be repaired of medium complexity. 

During the depot‘s construction, the right choice of the flooring played a very important role. For best performance on concrete, a high-quality self leveling epoxy flooring system was chosen. For the formulation of a suitable floor coating,Ancamine® curing agents from Evonik‘s business line Crosslinkers were the perfect choice. Why? Because floor coating systems for industrial facilities based on Ancamine® 2605 and Ancamine® 2519 help to ensure that the flooring is always well protected, even under harsh conditions: Both products offer an optimum of prevention against chemical substances, are resistant to dust and water spotting, improve wear resistance and appearance by a beautiful finish, and, additionally, exhibit fast dry under low (room) temperature conditions for quicker turnaround of application. The products also scores with low viscosity. In this case of the Brateevo depot, Ancamine® 2605 was used for the formulation of the primer and Ancamine® 2519 for the formulation of the top coat. For best results, Ancamine® K54 was used additionally as an activator for the curing agent in the top coat

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