Create a better moisture shield and stop floor failures.... stand above the rest. Formulate with Ancamine® 2800 curing agent.

Creating a high-performance moisture vapor barrier on concrete and sub floors can be a challenge. The concrete can be cold or damp and the application room temperature low. Using the new  Ancamine®  2800 curing agent when you formulate an epoxy coating provides a superior product that suppresses moisture, maximize productivity and performance and cures fast at low temperatures. 

 Ancamine® 2800 uses a unique technology that provides fast return-to-service cure rates in damp environments, and is a truly low emission product that satisfies green housing requirements. 
• PERM rating ≤0.1 with 30% less primer 
• Outstanding adhesion to dry and damp concrete at 50ºF
• Meets Green Building Standards with low VOCs, LEED V4 compliant

Now applicators can receive exceptional results using 30% less primer, with a superior moisture vapor barrier, chemical resistant and low VOC product; saving time and money.

Technical Data Sheet & Samples
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