Mono- and difunctional reactive diluents

Epodil® diluents from Evonik fall into two categories: reactive and non-reactive diluents. Reactive diluents are formulated to reduce the viscosity of typical epoxy resins without significantly impacting performance properties. Incorporating reactive diluents into your resin will improve handling and ease of application due to the reduced viscosity. Evonik recently increased its offering of monofunctional, difunctional, and multifunctional reactive diluents. These reactive diluents are broadly used in metal coatings, concrete coatings, repair and bonding compounds, adhesives and composites.

Epodil non-reactive diluents have the advantage of being used on either the A (resin) side or the B (curing agent) side for formulating flexibility. Epodil® LV5 diluent can not only decrease the viscosity of the resin or curing agent, but decrease surface tension for improved surface wetting and add hydrophobic character to the formulation, which often results in improved water tolerance.

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