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Aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PUR resins and elastomers / Cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for extremely durable coatings

VESTANAT® non-yellowing crosslinkers for 2K or 1K thermosetting PUR coatings improve performance in various applications and systems of all kind: highly chemical resistant 2K and 1K Systems, High Tg and fast drying coatings, flexibility for PCM applications, solvent-borne, water-borne, solvent-free (e.g powder coatings) and many more. IPDI is characterized by it’s excellent compatibility for any kind of coating resin and comes with a low prepolymer viscosity. H12MDI for PUD and TPU applications exhibits high chemical resistance and excellent mechanical properties. TMDI shows also a superior compatibility and moreover an excellent performance in flexibilzation of UV resins.
The VESTANAT® M range is a new family of urethane-alkoxysilane binders and crosslinkers that provide excellent scratch resistance, especially for automotive OEM and repair coatings as well as wood coatings. This new technology is a versatile basis for high-performance isocyanate-free (NISO) technology used in both ambient-temperature-curing as well as thermosetting systems.

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