Product details


Protectosil® WS 808

Oligomeric propyl siliconate/silicate concentrate as water-repellent and consolidant for mineral substrates

Scope of Application

Protectosil® WS 808 especially suited as water repellent for low-fired clay products (e.g. roofing tiles, common brick, floor tiles, terracotta) as well as various natural stones, sandstones and gypsum consolidation and hydrophobation of mineral construction materials and sand protects brickwork from rising damp suitable for the restoration of natural stone supplied as concentrate: to be diluted with demineralized water up to 1:100 high penetration depth and fast curing excellent long-lasting beading effect even at very high dilutions generates water-vapour permeable, colourless treatment excellent reduction of water uptake and soluble salts (e.g. chlorides) significantly reduces the formation of white deposits on treated surfaces resistant against alkaline environment suitable as binder for silicate-based paints Protectosil® WS 808 is intended for waterproofing of mineral substrates, in particular roofing tiles and common brick. When diluting Protectosil® WS 808 the product must be added into demineralized water under vigorous stirring. The recommended dilution rate ranges from 1:10 – 1:100, the ideal dilution rate for best performance depends on the mineral substrate. The amount to be applied depends to a large extent on how absorbent the substrate is and should be tested in advance. For the treatment of common brick a dilution rate of 1:20 is generally recommended at a consumption rate of appr. 0,3 - 0,4 l/m².