Product details


Dynasylan® AR

Dynasylan® AR is a pre-hydrolyzed, ready-for-use silicic acid ester – hybrid binder with additional colloidal SiO2 particles.

Scope of Application

Dynasylan® AR can be used as delivered to make ceramic slips, immersion/ramming mixes, and 2-pack zinc dust anti-corrosion paints. The degree of hydrolysis and acidity have been optimized for the required reactivity and sufficient storage stability. Through the addition of alcohol and/or water it is possible to vary the SiO2-content and the curing properties. The hydrolysis and condensation has been started during the production of the binder. Through a shift in the pH-value this process is accelerated. This shift is achieved by addition of fillers, pigments, additives, or through the evaporation of solvent or exposure to atmospheric moisture. The resulting silicic acid gel cures rapidly at ambient temperatures in air. The process of curing can be accelerated through the addition of alkali catalysts. For the use of Dynasylan® AR as a binder in zinc dust paints, the curing process is much faster than when Dynasylan® XAR is used (see product information sheet). This can lead to the formation of cracks (mudcracking) in thicker coating. Thus Dynasylan® AR is recommended for thinner coatings such as shop-primers. By proper application and formulation zinc, dust paints on the basis of Dynasylan® AR can yield excellent corrosion protection.