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Innovative Polycarbamide Technology for One-Day Flooring Systems

Amicure® IC-221, IC-321 and IC-221

With Amicure® IC-221, IC-321 and IC-221 it is possible to achieve highly desirable attributes such as fast cure, excellent UV stability, low or no VOC, high chemical and abrasion resistance, and the ability to formulate coatings at different gloss levels to satisfy the aesthetic needs of the customer using these products.

There are various synergies when polycarbamide coatings are used in conjunction with epoxy technology in a total flooring system. These include strong physical and mechanical properties; improved adhesion to damp and green concrete, rapid property development, and overall costs savings.

Amicure IC-221: Technical Data Sheet & SamplesAmicure IC-321: Technical Data Sheet & SamplesAmicure IC-322: Technical Data Sheet & Samples
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