Application Areas

From the roof to the foundation, and from protecting ancient national treasures to building the cities of the future, Evonik has products and solutions for use in almost all aspects of construction.

Flooring and coatings for concrete protection

Evonik products help to protect concrete and steel structures, provide durable industrial flooring and increase work safety in different environments.

Epoxy Curing Agents for Concrete Floor Primers  (pdf, 51 KB)


Concrete injection systems

Evonik products find their applications in concrete injection systems where frictional bond of damaged concrete structures has to be established.

Adhesive systems

Evonik products find their applications in adhesives between concrete structures as well as adhesives onto concrete.

Sealant systems

Evonik products are suitable for the formulation of PUR or SPUR sealant systems. They are used for manufacturing of prepolymers used in sealant applications.              

Evonik for Constructions

Evonik Construction Industry Team



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