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Application Areas

We offer intelligent solutions for the paints, coatings and printing inks industry with innovative products, efficient processing, and individual solutions.

Crosslinker specialties adjust your coating systems according to your individual needs and add a unique touch to your formulation.
Our versatile spectrum of specialty products complement your specific application requirements. Please contact us to elaborate on your tailor-made solution.

Marine coatings

Our products set standards for formulating IPD/TMD based epoxy resin hardeners in a variety of application fields, for example, in marine paints and heavy corrosion protection coatings.

The resulting 2K epoxy systems are usually applied as primers and/or intercoats. For top coats PUR systems are recommended due to their excellent weathering resistance.

Can and coil coatings

Our blocked polyisocyanates are used as hardeners for high performance can & coil coating lacquers imparting improved mechanical properties, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Our isophorone is the coil coating solvent of choice when high dissolving power resulting in higher coating yield and universal solvency is of importance.

PUR stoving paints based on our blocked polyisocyanates are characterized by excellent sterilization resistance and thus are used in pre-coated metal (PCM) applications for food and beverage cans.

Automotive coatings

In the car refinish segment customers benefit from our polyisocyanate range for light and weather resistant PUR coatings imparting quicker dust free times and improved through curing to the resulting coating formulations.

Furthermore, our products are used in high performance automotive exterior and interior coatings, especially for environmentally friendly waterborne technologies (CED), in both automotive OEM and car repair coatings.

Powder coatings

From the very beginning Evonik played an important role in the development of powder coating technology. Today we produce a variety of PUR (blocked and blocking agent free) hardeners, which are used by powder coating manufacturers worldwide.

Powder coatings are not only considered as environmentally friendly systems, but also derive their market success from a very attractive price/performance ratio.

Other coatings

Our vast range of polyisocyanate hardeners and diisocyanate monomers allow for most diverse coating applications ranging from standard industrial coatings to the most demanding high end applications.

Special oxyester grades complement our product range to meet ever increasing customers’ requirements.                                                                               


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