waterborne epoxy curing agents for glossy flooring

Waterborne epoxy curing agents for the civil engineering sector

New approach to moisture mitigation: With Epilink® water-based curing agents manufacturers can formulate breathable coating and self-leveling floor systems.

Waterborne epoxy curing agents for industrial flooring and protective coatings

Epilink® 360 is an industrial standard curing agent with a proven track record in the Evonik range of water-based curing agents. Epilink® 360 is a modified polyamide curing agent designed for use with liquid epoxy resin in two-component, ambient-cure waterborne epoxy coatings. Epilink® 360 is supplied in 50% solids in water, allowing for the formulation of very low or zero VOC epoxy coatings with handling and performance properties typical of solvent borne formulations.

Epilink® 701 has been developed primarily for use with liquid epoxy resin, it outperforms solid resin emulsion-based systems by offering the capability to formulate without resin emulsifiers, with zero VOCs and with a visable end-of-life pot life. The unique nature of Epilink® 701 provides the ability to develop low cost systems based on high filler levels particularly in flooring applications.

Road cyclist

Epilink® 701

For 20 years now, leading floor coating manufacturers have chosen Epilink® 701 to formulate breathable coating and self-leveling floor systems. When tallied up, it’s the equivalent squared meters of floor coating to cycling more than ten times around Earth’s equator on a one meter wide bicycle path.

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