Imidazole for epoxy resins

Curezol® imidazole are designed for use as latent curing agents/curing accelerators for epoxy resins in a wide range of applications.

Curezol® Imidazole accelerators provide excellent characteristics when used for glass epoxy laminate and epoxy molding compound. It is used for a wide variety of applications, including electric and electronic parts, paints, adhesives, construction materials, and sporting goods.

Curezol® is a registered trademark of Shikoku Chemical Corporation.

Product portfolio

Curezol® 2MZ-Azine 10µm is a micronized solid modified imidazole designed for use as a latent curing agent/curing accelerator for epoxy resins.

Curezol® 2PHZ-PW is a substituted imidazole that can be used as an epoxy curing agent or as an accelerator for dicyandiamide or anhydride curing agents in a wide variety of applications including electric and electronic parts, paints, adhesives, and construction composite materials.

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