Waterborne epoxy resins for flooring and industrial coating

Ancarez® epoxy resins improve cementitious overlay systems.

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Ancarez® AR555 resin is a waterborne solid epoxy resin dispersion delivered at 55% solids in water. It is designed for use in two-component, ambient-cure epoxy systems. Ancarez® AR555 resin delivers superior performance at lower cost when compared to conventional solid resin dispersions. The unique nature of Ancarez® AR555 resin allows film formation without high levels of coalescing solvent, which enables the formulation of low-odor, zero-VOC systems.

Ancarez® 2364 flexibiliser is a moderate viscosity acrylate-functional urethane resin. It is stable over long periods when mixed with liquid epoxy and is 100% reactive when cured with amine curing agents. When formulated with liquid epoxy resin it efficiently delivers elongation and tear resistance over a broad temperature range, whilst maintaining good strength.

Ancarez® 4305 epoxy resin is a low viscosity mono functional diluted Bis A/F diglycidyl ether resin designed for use at ambient temperature applications.

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