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Winter coating projects don’t have to leave you cold

Epoxy curing agent Ancamide® 2891 meets performance targets with low temperature cure and lower impact to the environment

The challenge to meet increasingly more stringent VOC targets while expanding the application window for epoxy coatings to lower temperatures is a complex problem that is causing sleepless nights for many. To further complicate this challenge the requirement to have robust and high performance with fast return to service is as important as ever to ensure that the cost is justifiable when budgets are being tightened.

Evonik Epoxy Curing Agents have several established solutions for metal protection and some very exciting new technologies that we are building on in order to meet this challenge and help to expand the use of epoxy systems to even more extreme application environments.

Ancamide® 2891 enables excellent low temperature cure where high performance and cost effectiveness is key requirement

The noval curing agent shows great performance and allows you to forget about your worries of how to apply a high performance, high solid system for metal protection at low temperature.

Applicator Benefits

  • Low temperature cure
  • High corrosion and chemical resistance

Consumer benefits

  • Good aesthetics with high gloss
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Wide range of applications
  • Bisphenol-A & Nonyl phenol free



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