2K Adhesives for Electric Vehicles

Flexible polyamide curing agent for epoxy adhesives with excellent adhesion on dissimilar substrates

Since stricter regulations regarding fleet consumption and CO2 emission targets are increasing the worldwide demand for more energy and environmentally friendly mobility platforms, electric mobility solutions are gaining momentum pushing the automotive industry into a pivotal technological transformation. While electric vehicles continue to capture market share there are still challenges in the manufacturing processes mainly stemming from new battery concepts and related structural reconsiderations, as well as the emerging importance of lightweight design. Consequently, the combination of dissimilar materials is becoming more common and tailored adhesive solutions play a decisive role.

To co address these demands, Evonik offers a series of polyamide curing agents tailored for epoxy adhesives, among which Ancamide® 910 curing agent is particularly suitable to be applied in the bonding of dissimilar substrates. Besides excellent adhesion and peel strength on different materials, such as steel, aluminum or engineering plastics, without any special surface pre-treatment, adhesives formulated with Ancamide® 910 also provides good flexibility and thermal shock resistance accompanied by an outstanding weathering resistance. In addition, Ancamide® 910 has a relatively low viscosity which also allows the formulation of higher filled adhesives with thermal conductive properties, for example. 

This unique combination of properties makes Ancamide® 910 curing agent an attractive choice for formulators coping with current and upcoming challenges in electric vehicle production.

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