Application areas 


Their weight reduction potential combined with excellent properties make composites an outstanding material for versatile applications.

Filament Winding

State of the art technology for the production of pressure vessels and pipes. VESTAMIN® and Ancamine® grades offer the required mechanical and chemical properties to enable pipes and pressure vessels a long service life.


Pultrusion is an excellent technology to produce continuous composites profiles. Ancamine® grades are curing agents of choice for the production of e.g. composite rebars for the construction industry, where they provide high mechanical strength combined with corrosion resistance.

Cure in Place Pipe (CIPP)

Fast and cost efficient repair technology for difficult to access pipes (eg waste and potable water pipes). Several Ancamine® and Ancamide® grades offer the right balance between speed of cure, handling time and potable water compliance.


VESTALITE® P is a PUR based matrix for prepregs with high mechanical properties and excellent surface aspect at long shelf life and ambient temperature. For epoxy prepregs we offer curing agents and accelerators under the brands of Imicure®, Curezol, Amicure® and Dicyanex®.

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)

SMC is known as an economic technology for the fast production of composite parts with chopped fibers in mainly a UP matrix.
VESTALITE® S improves quality with high mechanical performance and low VOC in this application.

Infusion / Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

Broad field of application from rotor blades (VARTM) to automotive composites (RTM / HPRTM). Different VESTAMIN® and Ancamine® grades offer slow to fast curing systems that can be used to optimize handling during infusion and speed of production.